Well my dear readers, I feel it’s time to catch you up on a few things and tell you what has gone down over the past few months. Before the holidays kicked off I was honored to be part of a fabulous evening filled with endless amounts of friends, family and love.

On December 21st, 2013, myself and the people who I love most witnessed the marriage of two of the most fantastic people on the planet. May I introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Rebecca and Mitch Brodsky. Not only a stunningly beautiful couple on the outside, but the beauty that radiates from the inside is something truly special.


Before moving on I need to tell you a little back-story. You see, I made my journey to New York back in 2007 which is when these women came into  my life. The funny thing is with our little group is we all seem to encompass an individual talent that when combined with the rest makes us unstoppable. We have all grown together in so many ways, have always been there for the big moments, and will continue to be going into the future. These women have become an important part of my foundation and have been my biggest cheerleaders from the start of this whole DESSERTIST adventure.

L-R: Karen , Sam (me), Rebecca, Jackie & Kelly

This wedding was such an emotional event for us all. You see, Rebecca, or RGB as we now call her was always our leader. She was always there to pick you up when you were down and no matter what always new what to say to make you feel better. She has always been an inspiration and to celebrate her and this man she loved was just an overwhelming experience. The girls and I welcomed Mitch into our little family with open arms. I cannot express enough how much we all love this man. He has made our Rebecca feel loved and cherished, given her strength and support, and most importantly un-ending love and everlasting happiness.

Ok….I am tearing up now so I am going to continue…..Anyhoo……

All of us girls had a special part in Rebecca and Mitch’s big day.

Karen is a successful NYC event planner. Her company Karen Brown New York made the Brodsky wedding a flawless event, as all Karen’s events end up being.

Jackie was RGBs’ hair stylist and is rated one of The Knots Best of Weddings in 2013 under her business Jackie K Styles

Kelly is a well-recognized makeup artist and writer who made RGB look absolutely beautiful. You can see her work at KELLY HUSHIN.

Not to mention that RGB is an incredible PR and Marketing guru with her own company called DADA Goldberg. If you want exposure, then she is your girl.

And of course, I was in charge of the desserts for the wedding. See!! We are like the dream team of events, it’s insanity!


Working with RGB and Mitch on their wedding was the best. Not only was one of my best friends now my client, but I also got to work with two incredibly creative people with an imagination as big as mine. We talked extensively about flavors and design and how to just make this a WOW factor. We wanted it to be exciting and tasty, but also imaginative and creative. I questioned them about their favorite flavors and treats and what THEY wanted to eat at their wedding. From there they left it in my hands and I am pretty happy with the end result.

What we came up with was a delicious menu consisting of the following:


Black & White Mousse 

Creamy and delicate chocolate and vanilla mousse topped with fresh whipped cream.


Pumpkin Thumbprints

Chewy and soft pumpkin spiced cookies filled with a cream cheese icing and garnished with cinnamon.


Chocolate Covered Clouds

Lightly sweetened vanilla bean meringue dollops dipped in a semi-sweet chocolate.


Muddy Buddy Mix

This is a fun grab and go sweet and salty dessert type snack. I make this for almost any event I go too. I use General Mills Chex Cereal and cover it in milk chocolate and melted Jif Peanut Butter. I then throw it all in a GIANT Ziploc bag with 2-3 cups of Domino Powder Sugar. Give it a really good shake and BAM – instant dessert mix. You can add anything you like to it. Sometimes I throw in butterscotch chips, pretzels, marshmallows – whatever your heart desires.


Layred Apple Pie


Three flaky layers of pie crust filled with a delicious family recipe of the perfect apple pie blend. Using only certain brands of apples and a secret blend of spices it’s sure to be the best apple pie EVER. I accompanied this dish with my homemade salted caramel sauce just to give it an extra zing of flavor and then top it with fresh cinnamon whipped cream.


Mexican Hot Chocolate Bark

A delicious candy treat with a kick of heat. Dark chocolate infused with cayenne pepper  surrounding a sweet layer of toasted marshmallow cream. Topped with Marshmallows and some red sprinkles for fun and color.


Black & White Cake Pops

No event is finished without THE DESSERTIST signature cake pops! RGB and Mitch wanted to do something awesome for their out of town guest. So I created marble cake pops covered in Bright White Mercken’s Chocolate and decorated with black accents. These fit the couples color scheme perfectly and welcomes the guest with a little sweetness.


(all of these recipes will soon be available on my website)



Phew what I list – but it was all incredible. My favorite part about making desserts for large events is standing to the side and seeing everyone’s reactions as they sample the delicacies. I love making people smile  and I love making people happy; and let’s be honest, dessert makes people happy.

Prepping for this wedding was just as fun as the wedding itself. I prepped pre-wedding early in the AM, prettied myself up with the rest of the girls, gave the speech with Kelly and our friend AnnMarie, and then back into the kitchen I went to prep for the serving of the desserts. That’s right – prepping in an apron, cocktail dress, stilettos, and chandelier earrings. Yep, that’s how I do it – I think it is perfectly acceptable to be glamorous in the kitchen.



I just love LOVE and these two love birds are a shining example of love. This was such an incredible day and night and I adored every second. This was just the start to the holiday shenanigans, but one of my most favorite moments of 2013.


And to my dear friend Rebecca, I will cherish this memory always and thank you for making me part of your day. I love that we have found our Sunny Days.




Stay Sweet, 

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