THE DESSERTIST – THE BLOG has arrived. I was not sure if I was ever going to go down this road, but with a little encouragement from a very beautiful and talented chef. Not only is she very near and dear to my heart, but she gave me the hard Southern “kick in the britches” I needed to make this move to the big time, and yes, I mean blogging.

So thank you Ms. DOUGHmesstic for your love and support. This first post is dedicated to you!

There wouldn’t be enough hours in my day to start from the beginning and give you long, adjective filled, descriptions of what’s been going on with THE DESSERTIST for the past year. Instead we will just leave it that alot really cool things have gone down and I am ready to get out there in the world. Spread my sugary little wings and fly, if you will. 

This blog will serve as a window into the crazy world of THE DESSERTIST. I will indulge you with my silly stories and wild adventures. Share the love, laughter, and tears along with milestones, failures, and triumphs. Oh, and RECIPES too! 

Get ready to enter my delicious world where imaginations run wild. Every dessert dream can become a reality. 

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WARNING: This blog will most likely contain many spelling and gramtical errors. Don’t judge people.